Care + Feeding of your New LCxBM Doo-da

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It is always best to take off any and all jewelry before cleaning with any household chemicals and swimming in chlorine/sitting in a hot tub. 

STERLING SILVER:  Sterling silver (925) may tarnish some over time. It can be “polished” using the enclosed polishing square or wiped with a clean, soft cotton cloth as needed. 

GOLD:  Gold is an amazing metal, but it still may need some TLC. Scrub with warm water and non-detergent soap using a soft toothbrush (an old one will do) as needed.

STONES:  As a rule, it is a good idea to take off any jewelry with stones before washing hands, showering, swimming, etc. It just is.

Stone statement rings can sit quietly on display in your home when you are not wearing them so that the energy of the stone can benefit your space, after all...nobody puts baby in the drawer.

ENAMEL ON COPPER:  Enamel is a thin layer of powdered colored glass that is fused to the surface of the copper using a kiln or a torch. It can crack, split, and/or chip if the piece is dropped, bent or exposed to temperature extremes. Acidic liquids can dull the glassy top layer. Any exposed copper edges or areas may take on a deeper patina over time.

COPPER + BRONZE:  Copper and bronze may take on a natural, darker patina over time. It also may react with your skin. It’s not toxic or permanent. It’s’s just chemistry. Science is kinda cool like that.

Pieces that are stored or left out in humid environments (like a bathroom) may tarnish or patina faster.

CLEANING: The "safest" way to clean your jewelry is with warm water, mild dish soap (no detergents) and a soft old, clean tooth brush will do.

ONE MORE THING:  Swimming, surfing, floating, etc. in cool/cold water  - like a river, lake or the ocean - will cause your fingers to shrink a little and rings might slip off.