• How It’s Made Matters

    Hand fabricated badassery using recycled metals (whenever I can) and rad gemstones. Each piece is made by hand…hand drawn, hand sawn, hand stamped, hand formed. (You get the idea.) Even the "recycling" process is "by hand" of sorts...melted, poured, and milled into sheet or wire.

  • I Listen to Rock(s)

    Every stone has a story to tell…and I am all ears. Perhaps its a special color, specific phenomena, dendrites that look like yarrow or maybe a tree, jaspers with cloud + mountain scapes, faceted gemstones with a special twinkle...each stone is hand selected for its special qualities that “speak” to me.

  • Let Me Tell You a Story

    Whether it’s conveyed through the mystical properties of the stones and metals themselves or words literally stamped by me onto the metal, throughout the process of making it, the piece may “whisper” just a few words or speak volumes. And, I am always happy to tell their tales.

  • The Dirt on the Stone…ware

    Okay, I always felt like I was a bit of a “Hulk Smash” when it comes to ceramics, but taking a “hand fabricated” aka slab build approach seems to be working for me. I am approaching my pottery journey like I approach my jewelry…and in some cases, literal translations.

    Check it out… 



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