People say my work is "badass" and when they try my pieces on they say, "This makes me feel like a badass!!"...especially the "statement" rings, so in a way...I am kind of a #badassenabler.

Sterling silver, bronze, and gold plated quartz

I began working with metal in 2011 during my decades-long graphic design career. Metalsmithing gave me an outlet to produce tangible designs after years developing digital marketing content. I draw inspiration from my surroundings (and sometimes the critters I encounter) along with the moon, music, and the meanderings of my mind while running and running around. When I am not at the bench or running around, I might also be found down many a rabbit hole (either nose in a book or in my head) on topics of esoterica, art + jewelry history, gemstones, and archaeology relating to any and all of the them.

Applied Jewelry Professional Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America
COMAG Board Member at Large
Central Oregon Metal Arts Guild
SNAG Member
Society of North American Goldsmiths

Sometimes its cool to be a follower...
Instagram is the best place to follow along in the "bench made" process and you get to peep pieces before they are listed and other cool stuff. 

IG: @littlecrownbenchmade