The Breath of the White Dragon

N⚪️VEMBER 1, 2⚪️22

The day after a warm-for-this-time-of-year Halloween, we woke up to snow. It was the day I finally sat down and began creating a proper e-commerce website…welcome!! 

This is also my first blog post (ever) so in honor of the snow…and the wind as I write this that feels like “the breath of the white dragon”…🌬🥶…I figured I’d spotlight this amazing Quartz Crystal statement ring 🤗

This ring was already in my queue to get done for the Season of the Witch Market at @naturesbling.or, but the day prior to starting, I was listening to @carolwoolton’s “If Jewels Could Talk” podcast (I am completely obsessed and working through every episode) where she speaks with @geoffreymunn (his are always my favorite valuations on 🇬🇧 Antiques’s Roadshow) and they discuss Quartz crystal…my “desert island” stone 🤍 When Carol mentions the ancient Japanese believing that clear quartz was “the breath of the white dragon”, I let out an audible GASP that could be heard through my respirator mask and immediately was overcome with a sense of urgency to wrap up my planned “kiln day” so I could begin making this ring.

Seriously, though. Of all of the rocks in the world, clear quartz would be my choice if I could only pick one. Modern mystics all hail this stone and other ancient cultures have equally enchanting beliefs about quartz, but the 🌬 of the white 🐉…? I mean, total swoon, right!?!

This is my third ever quartz cab piece I have ever created, but there are def plans for more..S⚪️⚪️N!!

This beaut is simply set in shiny Sterling and is as captivating as any ol’ 💍 She’s about a US 8.5-9ish…closer to 9 and in ye olde shoppe.

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