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Ring - Trinket - Spell "Little Bowls" - Copper and Enamel

Ring - Trinket - Spell "Little Bowls" - Copper and Enamel

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Ring and Trinket "Little Bowls" - Copper and Enamel

What would you use such a wee cute “Little Bowl” for? 🤔

- They are perfect for holding rings (especially bands).
- Little pebbles, stones, feathers and shells you’ve collected
- Cone incense holder (may leave residue once burned)
- Air plant home
- Roach (please extinguish)
- Altar accessory
- Spell bowl
- Chakra work
- Organizing all the small things
- Makes a thoughtful gift

Okay, you get it already ✨🤗✨

Each bowl is forged by hand from 18g copper and measures 2.25” across and is 1/2 inch tall and has a flat bottom for stability. The enamel finish is created one at a time and makes each bowl unique. Each bowl has the LCxBM mark handstamped on the bottom.

The “art school” colorways have been sprinkled with “pixie dust” which is a combination of Sterling silver and copper dust collected after sawing.

Please select bowl from the drop down using the photo with the number + color that corresponds with the bowl.

Enamel is glass powder fused to copper using a kiln. Do not bend (and try not to drop) bowl as it can cause the enamel to crack and/or chip. Treat enamel items like glass. Copper is sensitive to temperature extremes and exposure to acidic liquids. Handle with care.

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