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Hare - Rabbit - Bunny and Moon Dendritic Opal Shield Ring

Hare - Rabbit - Bunny and Moon Dendritic Opal Shield Ring

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Hare - Rabbit - Bunny and Moon Dendritic Opal Shield Ring

This stylized hare ring represents the relationship of the hare and the moon as well as the snowshoe hare and it's winter coat. Because the (snowshoe) hare is nocturnal, it shares a symbolic connection to the moon. The moon symbolizes a cycle of rebirth and since the hare is a renowned for fertility, the connection between the two is reinforced. I designed this piece to imply the hare's presence in the winter, even though evidence of it comes only with its tracks in the snow in the next day, hare live amongst us, hidden in plain sight tucked in a safe places until nightfall.

We had an epic snow year in 2017 followed by a dry year in 2018. The snowshoe hare's coat does not change from brown to white because it snows, it changes when the days get shorter. If there is not enough snow to camouflage the the hare, it can fall victim to its predators. As the days grew shorter (and colder) this fall, I was inspired by a big snowshoe hare that I saw on a mountain bike ride with a friend. As we watched the hare watching us, I wished in that moment that we get the snow needed to protect him/her this winter. Coincidentally, I was drawn to dendritic opal this season to create pieces as a "snow dance" offering.

Dendritic opal is part of the agate family. Just like the hare, the stone is believed to bring abundance. It is a stone of duality, dark and light. Imagine a white snowshoe hare on a moonless night. It is also thought to bring balance and harmony.

This ring measures 3 1/8" long x 1" wide. It is a US size 9.5 and fits my 8.5 size finger perfectly. The back plate is hand-sawn from 20g Sterling silver sheet. The ears are 20g Sterling silver. The back-plate serves as a night sky back drop, with the "North star" at the peak, to the ears which have been freehand hand-stamped with the waning crescent moonlit sky and a forest and hills. The 10mm wide Sterling silver "inside-out" style band (curved on the inside edges) has the sun with a star with a waxing and waning crescent moon on either side. There are snowflakes next to each moon. This celestial scene floats above a starry mountainscape. The stone reminds me of a snowy hill with trees...perfect for a bunny to tuck away in the tree roots or a child to sled down.

US 9.5 - because of the wide band, this ring fits my size 8.5 finger (middle) perfectly - sliding on and off easily. I can fit it onto my size 9 finger (index). Please take this into know your fingers best.

Materials: Stone

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